Koepka, Rahm won’t be joining breakaway Premier Golf League

The breakaway Premier Golf League has been dealt another blow with two more big names golfers ruling themselves out of the proposal.

Jon Rahm and Brooks Keopka have said they won’t be joining the proposed Premier Golf League.

In doing so, it means the world’s top-3 golfers have said no to the PGL after Rory McIlroy went public with his decision last month.

The PGL has faced a backlash from the golf community after it came to light that it has financial backing tied to Saudi Arabia and it would deny entry to many of the world’s top golfers with the limited, yet highly lucrative fields.

Associated Press reported that the limited field was the main reason Koepka won’t be joining anytime soon.

“I am out of the PGL. I’m going with the PGA Tour,” Koepka told The Associated Press. “I have a hard time believing golf should be about just 48 players.”

“I get that the stars are what people come to see,” Koepka said. “But these guys who we see win, who have been grinding for 10 or 15 years, that’s what makes the cool stories. I’d have a hard time looking at guys and putting them out of a job.”

Jon Rahm told Golfweek he is also out.

“I think what I’m going to do is focus on just the PGA Tour,” Rahm told Golfweek. “At the end of the day I’m a competitor. I’m a PGA Tour member and I’m going to stay that way.”

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