Koepka gets pissed at DeChambeau after mid-interview comment

Brooks Koepka’s level of disdain for Bryson DeChambeau is clear to see in this leaked video from the Golf Channel.

The feud between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau has been simmering away for some time but it was on show for all to see in a recently leaked video from the PGA Championship.

In an interview with Golf Channel, Koepka gets asked about his poor putting after the second round of the PGA Championship when DeChambeau wanders past and throws out a seemingly flippant line.

“Just gotta start it on the right line”, DeChambeau says.

Koepka gets flustered and looks angry at the interruption.

“Sometimes, uh I lost my train of thought, hearing that bullshit. ****ing Christ.”

It’s kind of amazing how angry Koepka gets from what seems like a throwaway comment. DeChambeau clearly isn’t his favourite golfer on tour.

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