Jarrod Lyle bracing for upcoming bone marrow transplant

Jarrod Lyle has a rough few weeks ahead with treatment to combat his third bout of leukaemia.

Approaching the Lyle Apparel stand at the Australian Open this week we were pleased to see Jarrod Lyle there looking and reportedly feeling pretty good.

But Lyle is in for a really rough few weeks which he outlined in an emotional post on his website that everyone should read. It should put everything into perspective.

Things are about to get really serious for me and my health over the next couple of months, so this week is all about a bit of normality. Next week I’m going to be back in hospital to prepare for a bone marrow transplant, and best case scenario is that I’m in hospital for about 5 weeks. I have been building up to this for quite a few months, and now that the procedure is just around the corner I am shitting myself. I’m not even going to apologise for that language – it’s already toned down from what I’m really feeling. My decision to come to the tournament this week was a great one because I’m able to take my mind off what is about to happen and have a few laughs with some close friends. I’m also trying to spend the time with my eldest daughter, because I’ll miss seeing her for many days over the coming weeks. She knows that I’m sick, but she hasn’t yet seen me really really sick, but I think that might happen very soon.

Read the full post here.

Lyle also chatted to Golf Australia’s Mark Hayes about his upcoming two weeks (video above), the plans to write a book and spending quality time with his wife and eldest daughter in Sydney this week.

Lyle will soon have a procedure that will effectively reduce his immunity levels to zero in early December and then have a stem cell transplant using his brother, Leighton, as donor in an operation that has rarely been undertaken by someone in a third high-level treatment.

Nobody truly knows the likelihood of success.

But, as he has done twice before, in 1999 and 2012 both with different treatment plans, Lyle is up for the fight.

“I’m not going down without one mate, that’s for sure. I’ve got too much to live for and let’s hope we’ll all be around to talk about it next year,” he said with raw emotion.

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