Jan Stephenson on Dancing With The Stars

From the department of “We don’t care about this that much”, comes the news that Jan Stephenson is set to appear on the 2011 version of Dancing with the Stars.
I’m guessing a few whipper-snappers may have trouble guessing the identity of the woman on the left in the above picture, but let’s remind everyone of Jan Stephenson.
Stephenson’s golfing legacy is probably a little overshadowed by the controversy surrounding her marketing approach but let’s not forget she was one very talented golfer. She won 25 times in her professional career including three majors and 16 victories on the LPGA tour.
She is arguably the first sports person in the world to use a sex-sells approach to marketing herself and in doing so, brought huge attention to women’s golf across the planet. She urged women’s golf organisers to use the same marketing to draw more attention to women’s golf.
For the record, here’s what the “Dancing with the Stars” website says about Stephenson:
Jan Stephenson
An Australian professional golfer since 1973, Jan Stephenson was one of the first LPGA stars to openly embrace and champion a sex-sells approach to marketing. Even though she has won many international titles and was number one in the world she is still known for bringing glamour to the golfing world. These days she owns a Golf Course Design and Management Company.

One thought on “Jan Stephenson on Dancing With The Stars

  • May 6, 2011 at 11:12

    OMG I was never a golfing fan (tennis was my thing, remember Kim Warwick? Mmmm) but I was a teenager in the 70’s and I do remember her as being awesome! (Not a word used back then) How about cool? I usually don’t watch DWTS but I most definitely will with Jan being there. Also think there is more to Brynn/Brin? than meets the eye.

    Go Jan. I think too many young Australians just don’t seem to be interested in sporting/pop/political history now and it’s all going to disappear. I know I was a teenager once but I still loved hearing about old stuff.

    Again, go Jan!



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