Three aces and an albatross on one day at 13th Beach

Three aces and an albatross, all in one day at 13th Beach Golf Links.

In case you missed it, get along and read this great story from Michael Jones at Golf Australia Magazine on the incredible shots played at 13th Beach Golf Links earlier in the week.

Gary Anderson and Peter Matulich who aced the par-3 12th at 13th Beach in consecutive shots. (Photo: 13th Beach Facebook)

Jones reported that two golfers, in the same group made holes-in-one, one after the other at the par-3 12th hole on the Beach Course.

“After celebrating Gary’s shot, I stepped up, said ‘hard act to follow’ and hit a draw with my 7-iron. It pitched, went over a slight rise and released to the hole gently. It was unbelievable to share such a great and rare occurrence with Gary.”

Another golfer also carded a hole-in-one at the same hole a little later, another golfer made an albatross at the difficult par-5 4th hole at 13th Beach.

The 13th Beach Golf Links Instagram account first reported the incredible feats:

A truly amazing day on the Beach Course today with 3 Hole in Ones ( including 2 on consecutive shots!) and an Albatross. Well done to Gary Anderson and Peter Matulich who aced the 12th in consecutive shots. Travis Mott who holed out also on the 12th and Toby Walker who had an Albatross holing his second shot on the Par 5 4th. How good is Golf!

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