How to watch the 2019 Open Championship: Australian TV broadcast times

The Open Championship skips over to Northern Ireland this week and here is how Aussie golf fans can watch it.

For just the second time in the history of the tournament, the Open Championship will be played in Northern Ireland this week at the wonderful Royal Portrush Golf Club.

And let it be noted, this is definitely not the British Open. The event has never been called the British Open – just The Open Championship. And this Royal Portrush is in Northern Ireland, which is not even part of Britain.

FoxSports and Kayo Sports will broadcast from the 2019 Open Championship (that includes six Australians) beginning at 3:30pm this Thursday (Australian EST).

For those without access to FoxSports, The Open website does a fantastic job of providing stacks of live coverage options including a live blog, live video from the course, Open Radio and live coverage from featured holes at Royal Portrush.

Live on FoxSports/Kayo (AEST)
Thursday: 3:30pm – 5:00am
Friday: 3:30pm – 5:00am
Saturday: 7:00pm – 5:00am
Sunday: 6:00pm – 4:00am

9 thoughts on “How to watch the 2019 Open Championship: Australian TV broadcast times

  • Actually Northern Ireland is part of Britain or part of the UK if you like

    • Yes, part of UK. Not part of Britain.

  • Please get your comments right, Northern Ireland is proud to be and is part of Great Britain.

  • Follow your own advice. Northern Ireland is a colony of England only maintained as such through military might. It is the last bastion of English hegemony and a sad reminder of their disgraceful role in world history. Fittingly, it is an apartheid time bubble full of miserable bigots who claim to be Christian. Nothing to be proud of there son.

    • Still part of GB you wanker

  • To clarify:
    – Great Britain refers to England, Scotland and Wales
    – United Kingdom refers to Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    – the British Isles refers to the UK and Ireland
    – the use of Britain alone is a loose term. It could refer to any of the above, but is commonly used to refer to Great Britain

    Note: for ease, I have not referred to other islands that could be included in the above. For example, Isle of Man, Outer Hebrides, etc

  • TVs coverage is good but the score graphic for each player is horrible, it is too hard to distinguish the bogeys at a quick glanse , should be easy to fix.

  • No free to air in Australia

  • Northern Ireland is part of the UK, don’t complicate it.


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