Hello Birdie is the first game-planning app for golf

New Hello Birdie app to take control over the golf course.

Media Release

Hello Birdie is providing a major update of its mobile app to adapt itself even more to the different types of golfers and the variety of playing situations. These new features are in addition to the Dashboard announced earlier in March, which provides amateurs with performance indicators such as Strokes Gained.

Game planning is Hello Birdie’s specialty. Based on Artificial Intelligence, it allows each amateur player to prepare his course with a virtual caddy that evolves over time as a pro caddy would do with his player. Once on the course, the player can then follow a strategy adapted to his current level to put all the chances of success on his side.

Risk management
Hello Birdie now brings the notion of risk management. When creating a game plan, the app suggests for each hole a strategy more or less aggressive. This choice brings the best compromise between the risks taken club in hand and the reward that could be expected on the scorecard! For each hole, the player can then adjust this intention of play in a more “aggressive” or more “conservative” way. In the first case, it allows to go for a performance on a hole, even if it means to finally come out with a triple bogey, while the conservative approach tries to protect a scorecard from a high score!

A caddie that listens to the player
The player can now impose his game preferences to his caddie: these parameters can be adjusted in the app separately for each hole:

  • Choosing the club to tee-off
  • Adjusting the hole objective

After each adjustment, the player can see in real time the impact on the planned layup areas and the club sequence to be played.

The predictive statistics are displayed as pie charts and allow the player to instantly assess the risk or opportunity of reaching a score given the game option chosen.

Live Caddie
Once on the course, the Live Caddie takes over the game planning based on the actual situation the golfer is in: from the lie on which the ball rests to the weather impact! Its algorithm has been improved to better take into account the different options available to the player: a recovery shot, or a full shot until the next layup, or even when appropriate “skip” the next layup area to avoid losing a shot unnecessarily. The choice of club to approach a green from the rough has also been revised.
Finally, many UI adjustments come with this version to allow a much faster reading when the golfer is on the course.

Availability and access
Hello Birdie Golf is a mobile app available on the Apple App Store. It works on iPhone and Apple Watch (soon on Android) and requires no additional connected device. It works on all the courses in the world (about 40,000) and is available in 5 languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Nearly 100,000 players have already adopted it on the courses.

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