Golf Trivia Answers #4

Here’s the answers to the questions posed on Tuesday.

  1. Which Australian golfer finished second to Ian Baker-Finch when he won the 1991 British Open?
    Mike Harwood
  2. Which Australian golfer played in the final pairing of the 1999 British Open along side Jean Van De Velde?
    Craig Parry
  3. Can you lose your ball in GUR?
    No. If it is reasonably certain the ball cannot be found in GUR, the ball is deemed to lie at the spot where it last crossed the outermost limits of the GUR and free relief may be taken.
  4. Which two golfers have lost a playoff in each of the 4 majors?
    Greg Norman and Craig Wood
  5. What golf course is pictured below? (click on it to enlarge)
    St.Andrews Old Course

3 thoughts on “Golf Trivia Answers #4

  • April 3, 2009 at 00:10

    On #3, there has to be reasonable certainty the ball actually entered the area of ‘ground under repair’. If you hit a blind shot and turn the corner and find GUR, you most definitely cannot assume it is in the GUR. If an opponent or fellow competitor disputes it, you may have to find the ball. It is the same when a ball is hit toward a hazard where there is also OB. Unless, there is a reasonable certainty the ball actually went into the hazard, and NOT O.B., you must take stroke and distance OR find the ball in the hazard.

  • April 3, 2009 at 11:55

    Thanks OEG. That’s a very important point. I’ve often wonderd about the “reasonable certainty” part and tried to find a definition in the R&A and never found it.


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