Golf Trivia Answers #2

golf holeAussie Golfer asked some golf questions on Tuesday. Here are the answers.
  1. In the movie Tin Cup, how many times did Kevin Costner’s character hit the ball in the water?
    12. Most played by Kevin Costner himself.
  2. Including the Old Course, how many golf courses are on the St.Andrews links site?
    7. The Old, the New (the borrowed and the blue don’t exist), Jubilee, Eden, Strathtyrum, Balgove and the Castle courses.
  3. What Australian golf course is the only one in the world to hold reciprocal rights with St.Andrews?
    Coober Pedy Golf Course, SA
  4. Who was the first woman to play on the Champions Tour?
    Jan Stephenson
  5. In millimetres, how wide is the golf hole?

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