GOLF TRAVEL / You can now hire golf clubs for your golf holiday in Australia

The Sweet Spot Club Hire have launched in Australia to make golf travel much simpler.

Golfers in Australia now have a sweet new service available to them when travelling about the country to play golf.

Rather than lugging your golf clubs with you on your travels, you can now have a set of golf clubs delivered to your door, hotel or golf course thanks to the newly launched The Sweet Spot Club Hire.

“I think that golf travel should be simple and there is a lot of stresses involved with travelling, let alone having to travel with your clubs,” said Sweet Spot co-director Luke Santamaria.

“So having the option to hire your clubs, especially premium and the latest to market is a really great way to experience a golf trip.”

We’ve had a quick look at the new website and hope to try the service over the next month, but it all looks pretty simple to use.

You simply choose the state where you will be playing your golf, the dates over which you’ll need the golf clubs and you’re then taken to a page where you can select options for the clubs you’d like to play with including shaft type, flex and golf skill level.

The latest in TaylorMade or Callaway golf clubs will be presented as options, select one and after setting your delivery address and payment you’re all set. There are also a range of golf extras that you can add to the club hire such as umbrellas, golf balls, caps and tees.

Pricing: 1 day hire – $70, 2 day hire – $95, 3-7 days +$20 per day, and + $15 per day after that.

The pricing structure looks pretty good, especially if you’re playing golf across a few days or more. And if you’re flying to play golf and you start to factor in the added airline fees for travelling with golf clubs, the rates look even better.

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