Golf tipping competitions tee off with the restart of the PGA Tour

With the restart of the PGA Tour around the corner, now is a great time to start a golf tipping league for your golf club.

Teepster is a lot like footy tipping, but for golf. And it’s been my side-project for a few years now.

Simply select a golfer from the PGA Tour each week your (virtual) prizemoney is used to rank yourself against your mates or other Teepsters. And it’s free to play.

And with the PGA Tour starting up against next week albeit, without the fans, it’s a good time to start tipping and get a little more invested in the golf.

You can start a league for your golf club or your friends, OR you can join one of the public leagues.

The Teepster One & Done Public League has been running since the start of the PGA Tour season, and the Inside Golf Magazine tipping comp has some great monthly prizes up for grabs.

There are two tipping formats available to play:

  1. One & Done: Each player in the league selects a golfer each week – but you can only select the same golfer once per season. So choose carefully.
  2. Draft: Limited to 10 players per league, each player selects one golfer each week but you can’t select the same golfer as someone else. It’s just like a draft for each tournament.

Did I mention Teepster is free to play?


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