GOLF RULES REMINDER Playing original ball vs provisional ball

You’ve hit a provisional golf ball after thinking your original ball may be lost. But what happens when your original golf ball is found?

Under The Card posted this nice rules reminder of this situation, and we’re sharing it below.

I think it’s worth noting that once the original ball is found within three minutes, and you choose to go back and play another golf ball as one of your options for an unplayable lie, you cannot use that provisional you first used off the tee. You are required to go back and play another ball which is now in play.

While some of you may be smirking and wondering “who doesn’t know this rule?”, let’s not forget about the recent surge in the popularity of golf in Australia.

It has brought with it a bunch of new golfers, and golfers who haven’t played the game for a while who may be unfamiliar with the rules of golf. We’ve lost count of the number of people who weren’t aware that leaving the flagstick in while on the putting green was an option now.

It’s a good reminder to the golf industry (including us here at Aussie Golfer) to ensure all new and returning golfers know the basics of the game, including the intricacies of the rules of golf.

Don’t forget to check out “9 things you need to know about hitting a provisional golf ball“, especially if you’re someone who often finds yourself needing to reload off the tee.

One thought on “GOLF RULES REMINDER Playing original ball vs provisional ball

  • If somebody decides to play the provisional wrongly then what is the penalty in a stroke round? DQ?


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