Golf Link gives golfers a chance to win a Lexus

Here is an opportunity for you to win a brand new Lexus by playing six rounds of golf over a three month period.

Golf Link and Lexus Australia have combined to launch The Lexus Golf Link Cup, the world’s first national online golf tournament which features a final round tournament at Royal Melbourne, and a new Lexus GS 250 Luxury sedan as the major prize, valued at more than $80,000.

The competition is open to all Australian golfers with a valid handicap and a Golf Link number. To be a part of it you need to register and then play at least six competition rounds of golf in the three-month competition period (July 10 and October 9, 2012).

Your best six scores will be used to calculate your ranking (all done automatically by Golf Link) and you can follow your progress online in what will surely be a very large leaderboard.

The top eight ranked golfers will be invited to participate in a National Final at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Golf Club in conjunction with the Lexus National Owner’s Golf Day on November 5 2012 and join Lexus the next day at their marquee in the “Birdcage” at the Melbourne Cup. 

If you’re keen to be a part of it, register now for The Lexus Golf Link Cup, or if you want to know more, perhaps Tim Webster can provide some more information in the video below.

2 thoughts on “Golf Link gives golfers a chance to win a Lexus

  • June 22, 2012 at 01:46

    After seeing the lengths that some sandbaggers will go to just to win a set of steak-knives or their b-grade club champs, I can’t wait to see the ridiculous scores some of them will hit with a Lexus on the cards.

    Some 26 handicapper is going to submit 6 sub-80 rounds to take this out for sure.

  • June 23, 2012 at 02:01

    unfortunaltely I agrree with BGH the cheats will be out in force :o(


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