Golf format: Las Vegas

Here is a golf format not played much in Australia. It can be a good deal of fun for a casual Sunday afternoon round with friends, but be careful, you may lose more than you bargained for.
Las Vegas is a game for four players which usually involves a bit of gambling and it works like this: 

Teams of two players are chosen and a team score is calculated on each hole. The golfers’ scores for each hole are paired up for a combined score. For example, if player A gets a 4 and player B gets a 6, the team score is 46 (the lower number goes first). If both players get a 5, then the team score is 55; if one shoots a 7 and the other  a 3, then the team score is 37.
Points are accumulated during the round with the team with the lowest score being the winner. Often, the difference between the scores are paid out to the winners by the losing team. 
There are some extra variations. One is that if a player scores 10 or more, this number is positioned first. So the score would be 104 rather than 410! Also, when a player makes a birdie the opposition are made to flip their score around. A 46 becomes a 64 for example.
It is a great game that can change very quickly. But beware, if there is money on the table, you could lose a lot very quickly. Just like Las Vegas really.
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  • March 19, 2011 at 15:05

    Yes, I know about that game- lived in Las Vegas for awhile. And yes beware everyone if money is on the table!.

    Andy Pappas
    Golf Enthusiast


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