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Christmas is 6 days away and if you’re like me you don’t have your gifts organised. We would all love to receive (or even give) a new Nike Square SQ driver or a Scotty Cameron putter but Christmas golf gifts don’t work like that. They usually come in the form of desktop golf calendars or a rock hard, supermarket pack of golf balls.

This is fine. Be grateful. But maybe there’s some other options? Here are three suggestions that Aussie Golfer has noticed in stores over the past week.

These things look pretty cool. Golfdotz are like tattoo’s for your golf ball and they’re available in quite a few golf shops now. They reportedly last a very long time.

Longer than the ball for most golfers. A large variety of designs (including a limited edition George W. pack for smacking the dud president around) makes identifying your golf ball just that little bit more fun. Drummond Golf are selling them.
*Beware of the fake “Made in China” product going around. They don’t stick to your ball for very long.

Ball retriever
ball+retrieverI’ve been asked on quite a few occasions this year if I had a ball retriever in my bag. I don’t. But there was a time when many golfers did.

Despite the cost of balls increasing, the ol’ ball retriever has gone missing. They’re still good, in fact they’re made much better these days. A quick online search found one at the Golf Club Warehouse for $29.95. If you retrieve 5 balls next year, it’s just paid for itself.
(Don’t get me started on the “once it’s in the water it’s the club professional’s ball” argument.)

GPS golf caddy for your mobile phone
wegolf-nokiaWeGolf have been pushing this hard with ads and the product all over the place. The more I look at it, the better it gets. The program is installed on your mobile phone.

Most phones will work but they have a free trial for your phone just to check. It tracks your score for many golf scoring formats providing stats to your own Wegolf webpage. It is also turns the phone into a GPS device, providing on course shot distances and by the look of it, much, much more. At $79.95 it’s the most expensive of the three gifts, but it does look great.

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