Golf buggy takes on a skateboard feel

Playing golf but missing the half-pipe? I recently came across this new Aussie golf product which is unique and innovative enough to share around.
The Golf Skate Caddy has been launched that gives a skateboarding feel to getting around the golf course. The product is the brain child of Doug Mizzi who came up with the idea with the help of Fiik, Australian designers of sporting electric recreational vehicles.

It’s a cross between a golf cart and a skateboard. You stand on the back of the board, your bag sits on the front and you drive the Golf Skate Caddy using a wireless trigger controller. It reportedly take a few minutes of instruction to use and by the looks of the videos on the website, you can whip along pretty quickly once you’ve got the hang of it.
It was recently featured on The Golf Show on Foxsports and Ossie Moore looked like he got the hang of it pretty quickly.

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