Golf Australia now lists club competition results

If you’re a member of a club from New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, you can now get a look at club competition results online without referring to the following day’s newspaper.

I still scour the newspapers to check out the golf results to see if any mates played some decent golf in the Saturday comp. Golf Australia now provides club competition results online for golf clubs in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

Weekday as well as weekend competition results have been appearing on the website and I’m assuming it will start to become more complete as clubs are encouraged to notify Golf Australia of their results.

This is something that should have been done many years ago and now needs to be integrated more thoroughly, perhaps via GolfLink.

Every club golfer in Australia is now linked by a common, online handicapping system where every club competition round is centrally recorded. It’s an opportunity to create a unique, nationwide playing environment that could lead to larger national events (such as The Lexus Cup) and can only make the game more fun for everyone.

Given the ease of access to the internet, it seems that golf in Australia is slowly playing catch-up to its benefits.