Golf Australia CEO responds to attack on public golf in The Australian

Golf Australia CEO James Sutherland has responded to the most recent attack on public golf by Nikki Gemmell with an open response of his own, also published in The Australian newspaper.

Sutherlands piece titled “Chip shots at golf, the ‘game for life’, are way off course” has also been published on Golf Australia’s website and it begins:

“There is a contradiction in the recent push to abbreviate the golf facility at Moore Park in inner Sydney to nine holes.

Because Moore Park, one of the oldest and busiest facilities in the country, is none of the things that golf’s opponents tend to rail against.

The critics of golf – and there are a few – are inclined to harvest low-hanging fruit when it comes to attacking our game.”

It’s great to see Golf Australia respond to this as quickly as possible, and kudos for publishing it in the same masthead as the original opinion piece.

Check out James Sutherland’s full article here, or if you want to read a longer, better takedown of the mistruths check out Rod Morri’s response at Golf Australia Magazine.

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