Get your golf fix by reading these Australian golf magazines

Get around the Australian golf media community by buying, reading and subscribing to these fantastic golf publications.

I’d be surprised if you haven’t already heard, but golf is booming in Australia right now. Golf equipment sales are through the roof and tee times are scarce across almost all golf courses in Australia. (With the obvious exception being in Victoria at the moment. But let’s hope that situation changes as quickly as possible.)

But this surge in popularity hasn’t necessarily transferred it’s way to all corners of the Australian golf community.

The cancellation of professional golf tournaments due to the coronavirus pandemic meant that leading golf equipment manufacturers suspended the release of new products. Which in turn led to a sudden halt in advertising which had a big impact on golf publications.

With this in mind, I thought it was a good time to remind everyone it’s a great time to get back into supporting the Australian golf media community and these publications in partiocular.

I know many of the people who work very hard to roll out these golf publications. The Australian golf community would be worse off without out them.

So why don’t you go pick up a copy at your local newsagent or golf club? Or better still, go grab yourself (or a friend) an annual subscription. Father’s Day is just around the corner…

All of these publications provided plenty of online golf writing during the pandemic, but it’s great to see them all now back providing monthly issues.

Here is what I try and read each month. Let me know if any I’ve missed or forgotten any and I’ll add them here.

Golf Australia Magazine
I’m perhaps a little biased but as part of the course ranking panel for Golf Australia Magazine, I’m stoked to see this back on the shelves after a brief hiatus. And plus the most recent issue contains a pictorial feature on Australia’s best par-3s. Who doesn’t love a good golf list?

Inside Golf Magazine
Another publication back after a break due to the pandemic, you can always pick up Inside Golf for free at your local golf club. Or if you can’t leave the house, just read it online every month! I’ve embedded the latest issue that you can flick through below.

Australian Golf Digest
Australian Golf Digest didn’t let up and powered through the pandemic providing much-needed golf news, tips and everything else. They’re still going strong and have a sweet golf prize pack to give away to one lucky subscriber this month…

Caddie Magazine
Perhaps the most unique of all Australian golf magazines. Caddie is always packed with stunning golf photos and a wide variety of intriguing golf-related features you probably won’t find anywhere else.

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