Geoff Ogilvy says “a lot of great golfers have had filthy tempers”

Geoff Ogilvy is the first to admit he wasn’t the most serene golfer on the golfer course, especially early in his career.

But in a recent piece for Golf Australia Magazine, Ogilvy thinks having a bad temper isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

And while I’m not so sure I agree with everything in the article, again it’s a great read and has one of the best golf yarns we’ve heard for some time.

Playing alongside two others who happened to play the same clubs – and so had identical bags – our hero reached a point where he could apparently take no more. After missing a putt, my compatriot went over the edge and started bashing his bag with his putter. This went on for maybe 30 seconds until one of his playing partners quietly approached.

“You alright mate?” asked the non-participant.

“What do you care?” answered the Aussie, as he continued to attack the bag. “F*** off.”

“Well, I wouldn’t normally care. But that’s my bag.”

Go check out the full article by Geoff Ogilvy at Golf Australia Magazine.

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