Fun golf terms

Aussie Golfer has had numerous requests for these funny golfing terms to be published again. Rather than supply the links to the two old posts I thought I’d post them all together.

An Alan Bond – a nasty 5 footer
A Salman Rushdie – an impossible read
A Rock Hudson – looked straight, but it wasn’t
A Cuban – needed one more revolution
An Adolf Hitler – two shots in the bunker
A Saddam Hussein – from one bunker straight into another
A Yasser Arafat – ugly and in the sand
A Kate Winslet – little bit fat but otherwise perfect
An Amelia Earheart – didn’t make it over the water
An O.J. Simpson – got away with it
A Princess Grace – should have taken a driver
A Princess Di – shouldn’t have taken a driver
A Michael Jackson – gradually fading
A Pauline Hanson – a long way right
A Paris Hilton – an expensive hole
A Ladyboy – looks like an easy hole but all is not what it seems
A condom – safe but didn’t feel real good
A circus tent – a BIG top
An Anna Kournikova – looks great, but unlikely to get a result
A Nirvana – a hole in one
An Eardrum – no good under pressure
A Bill Clinton – a bad lie
A Nullarbor – a bloody long drive
Best mate’s wife – out of bounds
A John Lennon – should never have left the house
A Pringle – a nice chip
A Liberace – playing down a different hole
Half a cake – a big slice (“that’s not a slice…..that’s half a damn cake!”)
A Jimi Hendrix – got really high and didn’t go very long
A Crab – having to come out sideways
Baghdad – GUR

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