Freddy’s golf shoes now in Australia

Aussie Golfer we write about things we like and think you will too. From the very first day we saw these golf shoes, we liked them. They are the ECCO Golf Street Premier shoes that Fred Couples has been wearing.
The shoes are finally available in Australia and can be purchased at different shoe and golf stores around the country, RRP $219.95. Let me know if anyone can find good deals on them. I’ll add the information here.

Without trying them on it is hard to comment on comfort but they do look great. They have a set of “traction bars” on the sole which will be fine for dry weather golf but you might need your spiked golf shoes if it gets wet. But who plays golf in the rain these days anyway?
At Aussie Golfer we like any golf gear that jumps out from the traditional, conservative golf style. These shoes, which look more like street shoes than golf shoes certainly do that. It will have a few snobby members at your golf course questioning if they are golf shoes at all.

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