Fan arrested after stealing golf club out of Rory McIlroy’s bag

There was a bizarre scene during the second round of the Scottish Open that ended with a spectator being led away and arrested.

A man in the gallery decided to walk onto the 10th tee where Jon Rahm and Rory McIlroy were waiting to get their round underway.

The man strolled past McIlroy’s golf bag and tried to remove the driver before casually grabbing an iron and had a few swings with it.

Players and caddies reacted with utter disbelief as the man then appeared to line up to take a swing before security was called and the man handed back the club and was led away.

“I was surprised. Everyone saw what happened on TV,” McIlroy said later. “It was handled efficiently and everything was OK. I had no idea who it was.”

It’s a potentially dangerous situation and it highlights the proximity of fans to the players during the playing of a golf tournament.

We’re also conscious of the fact this man may suffer from mental illness, if so we’re hope he is ok.

And a different angle…

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