Ian Poulter and Graeme McDowell impressed by Kingston Heath

Ian Poulter and Graeme McDowell are suitably impressed by one of the world’s great golf courses, Kingston Heath.
As Aussies we all like to be reminded how good we’ve got it down here. We know how good Melbourne’s sandbelt golf courses are, and we fawn over the best golf course lists that reaffirm our golfing wealth. But we also love to be reminded how good the courses are by any international tourists passing through.
Graeme McDowell and Ian Poulter are the famous golfing tourists playing Kingston Heath this week and despite being paid large sums of money to play the Australian Masters, we do like to hear what they think of the place. And it seems they rather like it.

Ian Poulter took to Twitter late yesterday:

I took a sneaky little look at the front 9 this afternoon, Terry twisted my arm and said we should have a look. It’s awesome simply awesome.

— Ian Poulter (@IanJamesPoulter) November 13, 2012
Graeme McDowell composed his love for the course in under 140 characters on Monday:

Just played 18 holes at Kingston Heath. Great golf course. Old school, short, narrow….. Shot makers course. Pure greens. @aussiemasters

— Graeme McDowell (@Graeme_McDowell) November 11, 2012
And in yesterday’s press conference McDoweel expanded on his thoughts on the golf course;

“If I ever design a golf course, it would certainly have a lot of elements that Kingston Heath has to it. I love a golf course which asks you to position the ball off the tee with many clubs as opposed to the modern day golf course which is bombs away and wide open type targets.”

It is great to hear, but two wistful thoughts come to mind.
Wouldn’t it be great if our great golf courses could host much bigger, world class, golf tournaments on a semi-regular basis? Like a fifth major or WGC event for example?
And secondly, wouldn’t it be great if some of these great Australian sandbelt courses were more accessible to all golfers?

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