English golfer makes hole-in-one using a putter

Golf Monthly reported that English golfer Andrew Easdale managed to card a hole-in-one last week using his putter.

While it wasn’t overly long, it wasn’t a mini-golf course hole either.

Easdale used a putter at the 85-yard par-3 5th hole at the short course at Trevose Golf and Country Club and a little bit of anger saw him take to the tee with just his putter.

As to why he used a putter, Andrew admits: “I could claim that with links courses one ought to stay low when playing near the green and that, as the conditions were dry and fast-running, the putter seemed the best option. But that is a retrospective justification of what was at the time just an impulsive act by a jolly frustrated golfer.

“I had failed to muster even a halfway decent drive or chip thus far that day, so I had simply thought ‘hang it all, might as well use my putter here as it’s the one club that’s working for me‘.

Read more the full article over at Golf Monthly.

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