Dunny debacle decided for Melbourne golfers

Golfers in Melbourne will be able to use the toilets at golf clubs from Tuesday after the Victorian Government overturned the controversial ban.

Golf courses in Melbourne were reopened for play on Monday after the most recent COVID lockdown but golfers weren’t allowed to use the club’s facilities when nature came calling.

The controversial rule was criticised by golfers and Australian golf governing body, Golf Australia. It seems common sense has finally prevailed.

In a media statement received by Golf Australia, the Victorian Government will overturn the ban on Tuesday.

“These changes, which come into effect at 11:59pm Monday 4 October, mean toilet facilities can open while also keeping personal contact and authorised worker presence at outdoor recreation facilities to a hard minimum.”

One thought on “Dunny debacle decided for Melbourne golfers

  • What about NSW? As I understand it from Monday 11/10 unvaccinated can play in two’s but not use toilet facilities, love to know how this works?


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