Driving range mats

driving range, matsSo much to say and write about and not enough time to write it all.

Firstly, in answer to the question raised a few weeks ago about the ball going into the water from the other side of the green. What should be done? Anonymous Aaron nailed it by moving around from the line the ball entered the hazard until a point is reached where a drop can take place and is no nearer the hole. The ball cannot be rehit again though, from the point where it was taken as it is closer to the pin than the point of entry to the hazard. That’s my understanding of it anyway.

Secondly, I was reminded of an incident I had while playing the stunning Bonville Golf Club a couple of years ago now. A pitching wedge played out of fluffy rough (I know, hard to believe as I’m usually down the middle) saw the ball go exactly to where it was supposed to and the club head leave the shaft in a direction not intended. If anyone has experienced this before it is a strange feeling indeed and gives you a real understanding of just how much of the total club weight the club head has in it.

The club head went through the shot unhindered by anything apart from the ball and I was told a couple of times soon after that it was probably to do with the fact that I had graphite shafts combined with practising on artificial range mats.

Artificial practise mats aren’t good for a number of reasons including you can’t take a divot which is what one should be doing to some degree, especially on low irons. Shots not taking a divot can turn out ok (hey we all hit ’em thin now and then!) but a steeper swing taking a divot can be far more forgiving and enables better use of the grooves on the club face, making it easier to land the ball softly. The damage to clubs is probably not fully known but it seems it is a factor in the snapping of graphite shafts and a lesson I learnt that day.

It hasn’t really stopped me practising on the range mats as I don’t have much choice in a couple of places but I am waiting for the next time my clubhead goes flying in an unintended direction.

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