Do you qualify for The British Open?

British Open trophyThe British Open takes place again next week and it would be a shame if you had actually qualified and didn’t know.
  1. Did you finish in the Top 10 at the British Open last year? – It may have slipped your mind
  2. Are you a past Open champ born between 20 July 1942 and 19 July 1948 or aged under 60 on July 20 this year? Thanks for reading my blog. Thanks for even knowing what a blog is. Can I do an interview sometime?
  3. Did you finish top 20 on the 2007 PGA Tour or European Order of merit in ’06 or ’07? I’m guessing you drive a pretty nice car
  4. Are you in the top 50 World Golf Rankings? Check for your name here
  5. Are you a US Masters, US Open, US PGA or US Players champion from the last 5 years? Fair play to you
  6. Maybe they are too tough. What about the Canadian or Japan Open? Senior Open Champion? Amateur Champion?
  7. Surely you’ve done well at the the BMW PGA Championship or the Scottish Open? Mizuno Open or Japan Tour events?
  8. Have you ever had a par?
Ok, the last one isn’t true. I’m sure it was a great par though.

If you did answer “yes” to questions 1-7 you should probably be a part of the 156 man field at Royal Birkdale next week. Please email Aussie Golfer ([email protected]) or maybe contact the R&A now!

There are a few more ways to make it in the British Open as well including regional qualifying like the way Rohan Blizard got his spot last week. They are listed here for your perusal along with a list of the field. Jean Van de Velde has qualified too!

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