DIY Putting

As I drift along here getting older and hopefully wiser I realise that very little hasn’t already been spoken, thought about or experienced. Each generation believes it’s discovered the latest thing, the new style or new emotions when in fact it’s been repeated many, many times before. But it never ceases to amaze me how many new types of putting styles I see in my limited golfing experience. Perhaps they too have been previously flirted with in the preceding generation of golfers but I think now more than ever, with many more styles of putters on the market we get to see some marvelous attempts and styles of getting the ball in the hole.

A playing partner on the weekend had a technique which involved a few practice putts before lifting the putter and dropping it down perpendicular to the ground just behind the ball and almost instantaneously bringing it back and through for the putt. It was a little rushed like Aaron Baddeley’s putting technique. It seemed to work though, well, except for three-putting 17. But we all do that from time to time, right?

The putting swing shouldn’t be played around with too much but I’ve also seen some strange backswings and follow through, seemingly on many different planes at the same time, work wonders. If you can repeat the swing when putting then you’re halfway there! Stance is another thing that has been played around with a lot around the putting ball and about the only thing I haven’t seen is the feet directly behind the ball in line with the cup. For good reason, it was banned in 1968. I’m not entirely sure why but Sam Snead (pictured) was very good at it.

Here’s the rule (16-1e):

Standing Astride or on Line of Putt The player must not make a stroke on the putting green from a stance astride, or with either foot touching, the line of putt or an extension of that line behind the ball.

Putting, in my opinion, is one part of the game that can be reworked and restyled according to your own imagination but whatever that style is, if you don’t stick with it for any length of time, you won’t be able to repeat it and the putting woes will always exist. Like they did for the previous generation….and the one before that.

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