Why golf won’t ever introduce a rule to get free relief from divots

The divot rule. It seems that every six months or so, the debate over whether golfers should get a free drop out of divots resurfaces.

It’s perhaps the most annoying “non-rule in golf; you don’t get free relief if your golf ball is lying in a divot.

Forever debated, the divot rule will never be introduced in the rules of golf. Primarily because it’s extremely difficult to come up with a water-tight definition for a divot.

It’s easy to identify a newly created divot, say from a rude golfer playing in the group in front of you, but a divot was created a month ago? This may not be so clear cut.

And what about the divots that have been repaired and filled with sand? How long before they are no longer deemed to be a divot any more?

The guys in this video from Golf Monthly do a great job of discussing the debate. And they discuss it so well I just thought I should share it here so I can point to it every six months.

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