Day to introduce himself to Australia

Jason Day is not well known in Australia but the next few months may change that.

Jason Day will soon be playing his first tournament in Australia as a professional golfer. Until now, he has not been able to play in the summer golf events due to a range of reasons but we’re all very excited he’ll be here this year.
Despite his fantastic year, he is still a relative unknown in Australia. This summer may well change all that as he is a confirmed starter at the Australian Open in Sydney and the Australian PGA Championship at Coolum too. He is of course a member of the International Team at the Presidents Cup in Melbourne.

There was a wonderful piece written by Brent Read in The Australian over the weekend that is a must read. Driving Force gives some background on where Jason Day has come from including the passing of his father who on his death bed, wished for Day to spread some of his ashes on Augusta National when he eventually played the US Masters. Day was 12-years-old at the time.

To understand what Augusta means to the Day family, you have to go back. Way back. Back to when Day’s father Alvyn introduced him to golf at the age of three. Back to the tattered three-wood Alvyn found at the local rubbish tip, which fuelled Day’s love affair with the game.

“People can write some mean, mean stuff on the internet,” he says. “It’s unfortunate but I have stopped reading anything about me… whether it’s good, bad or indifferent. Then people started writing things about my wife at the Masters – she blew up about that.” 

Mind you, it wasn’t so bad. US sports writer Rick Reilly once described Ellie as “hotter than a Venus oven”.

“It’s good that I have one of the hottest WAGs on the golf tour, but I try to keep those things private as well,” says Day.

It is a great read and the link above to read the article in full.

Anyone that follows golf knows how good Day is, and it’s been great having an Aussie in contention week in and week out this year. There are some extremely good times ahead for Day. Starting with the Australian Open in just over two weeks.

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  • October 24, 2011 at 10:08

    Just read the article you recommended – it’s very humbling heart-warming stuff. Still can’t believe he’s only 23 (24 next month)! Best of luck to him at the Australian Open.


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