Course Review: Werribee Park Golf Club

Werribee Park has a country golf club feel only 35 minutes from Melbourne.

On a list of great golf courses, Werribee Park Golf Club would not high on the list but it is definitely one worth playing.

The greens are always very true and despite the state of Victoria struggling big time with rain right now, it is in excellent condition.

Werribee Park

It has that classic country golf club feel about it. Great members who’ll have a chat upon drifting onto the adjacent fairway, a wonderful club house which sits atop the escarpment which runs through the course, and good yarns that give it some great history.

wpgraves2Shadowfax Winery sits right next to the 4th tee, two graves sit within stone walls right next to the 18th and Werribee Zoo is a few long irons away.

The Werribee Zoo has in fact been a great source of these yarns. Once a zebra got washed out of the zoo during some torrential flooding. It washed through the golf course and eventually drowned in the bay. First time I’ve heard of a zebra crossing on a golf course.

The grave sites (pictured) add that extra bit of uniqueness to the course. They are the graves of two men who used to work on the old estate nearby and drowned during torrential flooding of the Werribee River in 1858. The homesteads which used to house the workers from the estate looks over the 4th fairway and Werribee Mansion which is well worth a look is still there today and is just up the road hosting all sorts of functions.

The homesteads have the old brick chimneys and are in very good condition. They are in such good condition that an errant sliced drive out of bounds, was once knocked back onto the fairway without a speck of dust being removed from a brick.

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3 thoughts on “Course Review: Werribee Park Golf Club

  • June 1, 2017 at 00:27

    Played the course last week and what a transformation. An excellent course with lush fairways.. very good course and so easy to get to as it is near the freeway.

  • September 3, 2017 at 14:16

    Played Werribee Park Golf Course twice in August 2017. I grew up in Werribee so this is my “home” course but now I am living in Los Angeles, I truly appreciate what a BEAUTY WPGC is.

    It is a long course, especially when there are only 2 tees set up for the course (when I was there) and throw in some wind, it can be a mongrel to boot as well.

    The layout and orientation is brilliant but it does not favor any golfers with slicing issues. OBs in the bush or the Werribee river is the destination of your golf ball if you cannot control the right ball. Draw the ball, and it will award your game. Beware, the bunkers are deep so make sure you miss it in the right side.

    The holes are laid out brilliantly, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 18th holes are on the upper level, The 4th hole is a Par 5 that plays down hill, 5th plays up and 6th plays down. I walked the course and its really a nice walk, not too strenuous. These holes reward the long drivers, flying them over the crest or making use the topography to roll the ball ridiculously long. In the winds, these holes are either Angels or Mongrels…all depends on the wind.

    The greens, while I was there, was pretty good shape. It probably is about a 10 on the stimp, not too fast but the ball rolls nicely. My only quams is the lack of respect from other golfers who don’t bother to fix their ball marks but that problem is with any munis, WPGC is not different. At least the greens are hard so the marks are not that bad but the ball does roll nicely. Greens were well maintained and kept by the greens keepers.

    If you can work the ball, you’ll really enjoy the course. Some holes demand a cut, while others demand a draw. Something the holes just needs you to hit it straight. Some greens are elevated, like the small 13th green. Hit a great drive, you better know your yardage to stick it the ball to the green. Yeah, avoid the deep bunkers or bring a good sand wedge game. Did I say they were deep?

    Now, enjoy the red cliff views along the Par 5 11th hole and the 14th, as the Werribee river winds around the course. This is my favorite part of the course. Oh watch out for the guy who walk and fish along here as well (hint DON”T SLICE). Add in the 17th Par 3 (plays 195 yards uphill) and the brilliant 18th (where I almost drove the hole, short of 1 yard)…you cannot ask for a better pair of closing holes.

    The pro shop is pretty good. The guys who man the shop are all nice. Local Pro Marke Miller knows his stuff and a nice guy. The practice facilities are average, only 1 practice green but its pretty large. It has a practice bunker and a full range with real balls (not limited flight balls like some range here in the US).

    All up, living in the US and playing their courses and then coming back to WPGC, you really appreciate this course. Its my favorite and this is coming from a guy who fades the ball…

    • August 13, 2020 at 16:07

      Just a small correction, Werribee Park Golf Club is a private club owned by the members and not municipal (munis) owned. They do however welcome the public and is open to the public all times when comps are not on. The driving range is open to the public.


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