Cocos Islands airport runway doubles as part of local golf course

the golf course on the Cocos Islands is very close to the airport. In fact it’s right next to the runway.

Here is a piece I’ve been meaning to share for a bit featuring the very unique golf course on the Cocos Islands.

Emma Wynne from ABC Radio Perth featured the Cocos Islands golf course doubles as a runway. Or is it the other way around?

Every Thursday, golfers can take to the runway fairways which run around the local airport on the West Island. The club is operated out of a small shack nicknamed The Donga.

“Before we set out and play, we have to get approval from the runway staff and the airport management,” Mr Taaffe said.

“Within certain marked areas we can cross the runway and then come back across those runways.

“You can’t pause on the runway, you can’t take photos on the runway.

“You travel as a group, so when 30 of us are playing golf, we have to travel as a group across the runway and travel back as one group.”

Lost golf balls also pose a risk.

“If your ball lands too close to the runway, then you have to declare that as an out-of-bounds lost ball and report it to the runway staff so they know to look out for it,” Mr Taaffe said.

“If your ball lands on the runway, then you have to report it so the airport staff can look out for and remove it from harm’s way.”

The unique golf course was also featured for a promo piece on the islands:

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