Check your handicaps, GolfLink back online

The Australian golf handicapping system has been tweaked and has been implemented to all handicaps across the country.
The edits to the handicapping system include a change to the way the handicap is calculated. Instead of taking the average of your previous best ’10 out of 20′ games, it now calculates the average ‘8 out of 20’ games.

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There has also been a change to the multiplier. Previously, the average was the multiplied by 0.96 to get your playing handicap. Now, the average of your best ‘8 of 20’ rounds is multiplied by 0.93 to calculate your playing handicap.
For more details, check out “More changes to Australian golf handicapping” and “New handicapping system: How does it work?”.
GolfLink is back up and running and it is probably a good idea to go and check your handicap before your next round. In general, most golfers handicap would have decreased a little. Higher handicaps more so than lower ones.

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