Check out this great mini golf walk-in putt by the guy that designed the hole

Here is a mini-golf walk-in that finishes before the golf ball reaches the hole.

Golf course architect and now mini-golf course guru Richard Chamberlain has been applying the finishing touches to the Maroochy River mini-golf course and in the process perfecting a few putts.

Here Richard does his own version of the Kevin Na walk-in, finishing next to the hole before the golf ball arrives. From what we’re led to believe it was just one take too. But Richard did design the course so he has a pretty good grasp of the green contours.

Richard has created some fabulous mini-golf courses and is transforming the idea of what they can bring to complement full-size golf courses.

As mentioned in the comments under the video, this is the seventh course that the team at Mini Golf Course Creations has construction along those at Curlewis Golf Course, Wembley Golf, The Vines Golf Resort, Carrara, Toowoomba at City Golf Club and City Golf Gordon.

Get along and play any of them if you can. they’re some of the best mini-golf courses you’ll play.

And just to remind you, here is a compilation of Kevin Na’s walk-in’s. Na’s reputation as a slow golfer is slowly being replaced by the guy that walk’s in his putts.

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