Check out these flooded golf courses on Australia’s east coast

After the huge downpour of rain that hit Australia’s east coast in the last week, golf courses are among some of the community spaces currently mopping up.

The weather system that brought torrential rains and drenched large parts of New South Wales and Queensland over the weekend, saw some places receive more than 200mm of rain.

The rain has largely brought a smile to most faces with dams and reservoirs now back up to near capacity, grass now growing for livestock and in the case of golf courses, fairways and greens now springing back to life without relying on irrigation systems.

But on several golf courses, especially the low lying ones, the rains led to overflowing dams and river systems which has seen fairways disappear below the water.

Check out these photos. Such as the first hole on the Bungool course at Riverside Oaks… that’s a raised green out there.


The Australian Golf Club on Monday. Host to the smokey Australian Open last December.

Lynwood Country Club (Hawkesbury district, north-west of Sydney) has been 75% underwater for a few days now.

The Glades Golf club on the Gold Coast has now been flooded twice in one month.

Carbrook Golf Club in Brisbane with some great drone footage showing just how inundated their golf course is right now.

The lakes are now full at The Lakes Golf Club in Sydney.

The low lying areas at Eastlake Golf Club were well and truly underwater earlier in the week.

Much of Manly Golf club also turned into a lagoon this week with several large trees falling out of the ground.

Several trees were also dislodged out of the ground at Killara Golf Club due to the big wet.

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