Carbrook’s sharks may be on the loose after course flooding

The floods that have devastated the east coast of Australia may have caused a particularly dangerous problem for the Carbrook Golf Club.

LOST1 pet bull shark…

Approx 8 feet in length, grey in colour.

Responds to the name “Greg”. May bite. Reward offered….😉

Carbrook Golf Club is most recently known for the sharks that reside in the water hazard alongside the 15th fairway. It is reported that during major floods in the 1990’s the sharks were swept into the hazard and have stayed there ever since.

This morning, the update above was posted on the Carbook Golf Club’s Facebook page which may be some cause for concern.

The devastating floods that have inundated much of Australia’s east coast have sent a few golf courses under water including Carbrook golf course and the bull sharks may have used the opportunity to make a run for it.

Needless to say, there are plenty of other golf courses lying underwater this morning. Australian professional golfer Rebecca Artis tweeted this photo of the first hole at The Glades Golf Club yesterday.

Courtesy of SthWestNews, Jindalee golf course now has a few more lakes.


Blue_favo tweeted this pic of what is normally a gorgeous area out the front of the Palmer Colonial clubhouse.


Kurtman10 gave us a look at what was the 8th tee at Brookwater Golf Club.


2 thoughts on “Carbrook’s sharks may be on the loose after course flooding

  • My golf club Nudgee seems to have faired a little bit better than these and the club are hopeful of being ready for play again tomorrow.

    I’m desperate for a game after missing out last weekend. Hopefully these other golf courses can recover quickly.

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