Callaway HEX Chrome and Black Tour: Golf ball review

Aussie Golfer road tested the new HEX series golf balls from Callaway.

HEXCallaway sent some of their new HEX Chrome and HEX Black Tour golf balls to Aussie Golfer a few weeks ago. So for what it is worth, here is what I thought of them after giving them a bash out on the fairway.

HEX Chrome
The HEX Chrome is is a 3-piece golf ball, marketed towards a wide range of golfers with a soft feel cover that helps when you want spin with your irons and wedges.

Callaway claim the Chrome is the ‘best 3-piece urethane ball’ they’ve ever made. All I know is that it is a great mid-ranged price golf ball that everyone should be getting their hands on.

The marketers at Callaway also say it is a highly durable golf ball but we just think its a wonderfully soft golf ball that still manages to travel a long way. Most of our games with the HEX Chrome have been in wet conditions but I got plenty of carry with the driver and it stopped as quickly as any other ball I’ve played.

HEX Black Tour
The HEX Black Tour is Callaway’s high end 5-piece golf ball aimed at low handicappers and professional golfers. Phil Mickelson won at Pebble Beach playing the HEX Black Tour this year.

“We’ve got a new ball this year, HEX Black (Tour), and it just flew so good and penetrated through the air so much better in this thick, cold air. I felt like I had a big advantage.” Mickelson said.

The HEX Black Tour does have a noticeably softer feel to the HEX Chrome in iron play although I didn’t feel much difference with the driver and both balls seemed to go just as far as each other. Arguably though,  better golfers will probably be able to control the HEX Black Tour better and once again, feel as good as any top range golf ball I’ve used before.

Bottom Line
I wasn’t a big fan of Callaway’s previous golf ball designs but these are a massive improvement. Both balls have a very soft feel about them that go as far as any golf ball I’ve used. I was hitting the ball pretty well each time I’ve used these golf balls and without measuring, it felt like I’d gained at least a few metres in wet conditions.

Phil Mickelson is using the HEX Black Tour and is the more expensive ball of the two, which some golfers just assume is the better ball for them.

I’m very impressed with the HEX Chrome and while the HEX Black Tour is a great golf ball, I’m sure even low handicappers will be impressed with the HEX Chrome too.

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  • March 28, 2012 at 02:16

    Was cleaning out my bag today after 35points (far too many 3 putts) and noticed that I had two HEX Black Tour balls in there (found them recently). Have not hit them yet but if I do I will report back. Happy golfing everyone.


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