Callaway bringing sexy back, Timberlake on board

Callaway is looking to bring sexy back, by appointing Justin Timberlake as Creative Director.

Justin Timberlake is a golf nut. He has his own golf course, his own tournament, and now he is the Creative Director at Callaway Golf. Timberlake will lend his creative experience to Callaway’s marketing and advertising arms.

“It’s always great when professional projects surround subjects that I am passionate about, and the sport of golf and my work with Callaway definitely fit that criteria,” said Timberlake.

“I’m looking forward to bringing a fresh perspective to this category — focusing on the social aspects, fun and lifestyle associated with Callaway and playing golf.”

It may seem like nothing more than a publicity stunt for Callaway, but Timberlake is the real deal when it comes to golf. Every time I’ve read him comment on the game, I’ve realised loves the game and can play.

US Golf Digest interviewed Timberlake a few years ago and his knowledge and respect for the game was evident.

“We were at a course one time, and all the members had called their kids. As we walked up the 18th hole, there were literally 300 kids standing there. They wanted me to stay and sign autographs, which I’d have been happy to do, but not if it was going to disturb the other golfers. I just don’t think that’s right.”

Fair play to Callaway with this one. More kids, and more funk in the game is a good thing.

One thought on “Callaway bringing sexy back, Timberlake on board

  • Heya,

    Well that’s news to me. I know Justin Timberlake as a great singer and a cool actor, but did’nt know that he was a golf nut.


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