Caddie magazine to launch Australia’s first golf beer

Caddie collaborate with Modus Operandi brewing to create Australia’s first golf beer


For the next print Volume of Caddie magazine, the team have joined forces with award-winning Mona Vale brewery Modus Operandi to create Australia’s first dedicated golf beer.

Inspired by the ‘Arnold Palmer’, a concoction of lemonade and iced tea made famous by The King, the ale will have a malty sweetness to reference lemonade balanced by a lemon burst with additions into the boil of the zests of 20kgs of local lemons. Fresh, citrusy and thirst quenching, the beer will provide the perfect accompaniment to a post round celebration in the shade overlooking the 18th.

The beer will be launched at two events in Melbourne and Sydney before being made available at a select number of golf courses, bars and the brewery itself.

“Beer is an integral part of the game of golf and for most players, the reward of the 19th hole is often as memorable as the 18th holes that came before it” explains Caddie’s Dave Carswell. “We wanted to create a unique beer with some historical context that would best suit the long, sun drenched afternoons and warmer weather.”

Modus Operandi on Sydney’s northern beaches have been involved in the local golf scene since the opening of their brewery in 2014. Their positioning close to the surf with a neighbouring golf course makes them a pivotal part of the local community.

Owner Jaz Wearin sees a strong link between craft beer and golf industries; “Craft beer is going through a renaissance where the old ship is turning, there’s new, home-grown talent coming through and people want to drink local. And I think golf is the same, there’s a lot of the younger generation coming through who want to play golf but do it with a more authentic experience than isn’t currently available at a lot of clubs.”

Alluding to the restrictive tap contracts implemented at many clubs, Wearin is hopeful that changing attitudes are imminent.

“Golf clubs are typically in beautiful locations, and after a round is the perfect time for a beer, but the usual offering isn’t all that enticing for younger players. I think there’s a huge opportunity within Australia for golf clubs to embrace this shift towards a more local, craft approach and really elevate the post-round experience.”

The beer will be launched at two events on the weekend of the October 20th.

Melbourne: 20th October: ‘Birdies and Brews’ hosted by Caddie Magazine at Royal
Park Golf Club. Taco Truck, craft beer, tunes, golf and good times.

Sydney: 22nd October. ‘Hops and Holes’ hosted by Modus Operandi at Mona Vale
Golf Club. Sold Out!—sydney-2017

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