Bryson DeChambeau slammed as slow play videos go viral

Bryson DeChambeau thinks he’s entitled to take more time over his golf shots because he walks faster than other players.

Bryson DeChambeau is definitely not the only incredibly slow golfer in the PGA Tour but he’s fast becoming the poster boy for the scourge after two videos were shared around on Twitter.

The PGA Tour’s online coverage of its tournaments includes “Featured Groups”; live video showing every shot from a particular marquee group each round.

You not only get to see every shot but also every moment between shots and when Bryson DeChambeau was playing his second round of the Northern Trust Open with Tommy Fleetwood and Justin Thomas, they were the featured group.

And several videos of DeChambeau’s slow play were on show for all to see.

The first video shared around showed DeChambeau taking an epoch to work out and play a 70-yard shot from the adjoining hole.

And the second posted soon after shows DeChambeau taking an eternity to hit and eventually miss this 10-foot putt.

It’s incredibly frustrating to watch. Not to mention incredibly selfish.

But DeChambau doesn’t think so claiming the criticism from golf fans is a personal attack and he’s entitled to take a little longer over each shot as he walks faster than other players.

“A lot of it’s the caddies. A lot of it’s the other players. They don’t care about walking fast. I play a different way out there. I take my 40 seconds that’s allotted, sometimes over, absolutely. Totally agree. It’s maybe 5 percent of the time,” DeChambeau said.

“But I’ll tell you that it’s really kind of unfortunate the way it’s perceived because there’s a lot of other guys that take a lot of time. They don’t talk about this matter and for me personally, it is an attack and it is something that is not me whatsoever. People don’t realize the harm they are doing to the individuals.”

There is no doubt this has been an attack on DeChambeau’s slow play but it’s also an attack on the PGA Tour and its lack of willingness to do anything about the issue.

Fellow tour pros were also quick to criticise including Eddie Pepperall who is never afraid to speak his mind.

And DeChambeau wasn’t happy.

“I would love to speak to him personally and talk about it,” DeChambeau said.

“Look, I am not really that sensitive of a guy. I don’t get hurt by a lot of things. It’s not like I’m throwing clubs and slamming clubs, you know. This is a conversation about playing golf in a certain time.”

After the furore surrounding the glacial pace of JB Holmes, and the recent criticism at the PGA Tour’s inaction from Rory McIlroy, Brooks Keopka and Adam Scott, one wonders if this is all about to change.

But who is going to be penalised first? And when?

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