Book your next golf trip to bushfire-affected parts of Australia

Check out this fabulous piece from Rod Morri in Golf Australia Magazine encouraging golfers to play a role in helping struggling communities affected by the recent bushfires.

Morri urges all golfers get out and play golf in communities severely affected by the bushfires to help boost the local economies, and perhaps more importantly, boost local morale.

It’s a trip worth doing regardless of current circumstances and if you’ve never been before it would be surprising if you didn’t come back with every intention of returning.

There has been bucket loads of cash raised by charities to help those in need after what has been a devastating period.

Many golfers will have been amongst those who donated. But to really be part of the solution the advice is something we’d all love to hear more often: just go play golf.

Having seen a handful of the golf courses in some of the regions badly damaged by the bushfires, I agree that there are some fabulous golf courses we all should be going to play to help out.

Many of the communities have not only been physically devastated by the bushfires, but the local economies are on their knees as the influx of summer tourists that supports jobs all but disappeared.

ABC’s Samantha Turnbull wrote an article on where to holiday to help the hardest-hit communities, even before the worst of the bushfires hit.

Australian Regional Tourism chair Coralie Bell says the best way to help is to pack your bags and visit.

“Visiting regional Australia is not just an adventure, it’s a way to really give back,” Ms Bell says. “Tourism plays an important role in creating and supporting jobs, but it also celebrates culture, stories and the essence of who we are — it’s important socially as well as economically.”

Get in the car now or start planning that next golf trip to these wonderful, but struggling parts of Australia.

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