Bluetooth golf swing analyser: 3BaysGSA Pro review

Now here is a golf gadget that makes good use of modern technology.

A new golf gadget crossed Aussie Golfer’s desk a few weeks ago and we were intrigued not just with the fancy packaging but with what this little device can actually do; track your golf swing and send the information straight to your phone for real-time feedback.

The 3BaysGSA Pro works like this.

You download the GSA Pro app, fit the device to the end of your golf club and connect it to your phone via Bluetooth.

Holding the club still for a few seconds before each swing readies the GSA Pro and make your swing.

Motion sensors capture thousands of data points and deliver them almost instantly to your phone. A quick look at the application on your phone will show a truckload of data on your golf swing including swing plane, clubhead speed, tempo and allows for you to review an animated movie of your golf swing.

We loved playing around with this device and have spent hours looking at the data after a day at the range like any golf geek would.

The instant feedback was superb and holding the club still before the next shot could be played wasn’t the issue that we thought it would be. If anything it focussed our attention a little more on the next pre-shot routine which is good practice at the driving range.

3BaysGSA also sell a similar device to provide feedback on putting that provides information on tempo, speed and face angle.

While it’s not exactly the catchiest name for a golf gadget, we hadn’t encountered one that is uses modern technology so well as the 3BaysGSA Pro to improve your golf swing and can’t recommend it enough.

Check out the 3BaysGSA Pro website for more details and ordering information.

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