Some bloke in café thinks Tiger Woods has lost his mojo

Every man and his dog seems to have an opinion on whether Tiger Woods will ever get back to his best. It is has been that way since Tiger got up close and personal with a fire hydrant in September 2009. But the truth is, no one really knows.

I interviewed a random bloke in a random café this week and asked him for his opinion. He may not hold as much weight as what Johnny Miller or Nick Faldo thinks of course, but my reaction to his opinion was the same. A general glazing of the eyes and a want to go and do something else.

Of course, the only reason why everyone has an opinion of Tiger Woods and his dimming aura is because he was the best golfer of our current generation who won 14 major titles. And arguably, he is the greatest golfer of all time, if it wasn’t for that pesky major record of Jack Nicklaus’.

Putting aside the argument that too much emphasis is placed on winning major’s for a minute, the reason we hear end up hearing what people have to say on Tiger Woods is because it is asked of them. I can’t really image Padraig Harrington stepped out onto the course back in August itching tell everyone he has finally formed an opinion on Woods.

“I still believe when he turns up and plays well in a given week, I think he’s well capable of winning any major he plays in”. Harrington must have been dying to tell somebody after coming to that conclusion, and was probably relieved when someone asked him soon after the eureka moment struck.

In the past two weeks Greg Norman, Nick Faldo, Jack Nicklaus, Rory McIlroy and Nick Price have all given their opinion on whether the former great can be great once again. But I’m not sure anyone cares. (A no, no, yes and no respectively if you do care).

Jack Nicklaus is hardly going to say ‘no’ being the likeable chap he is, and although most people who are asked have some relationship with the game of golf, no one really knows. Not even Woods knows but it hasn’t stopped him giving his own opinion on whether he can break Jack’s record of 18 victories at majors. (A ‘yes’ if you care).

Perhaps rather than a golfer forming an opinion on Woods becoming news, we should just set up a web page to get everyone to register their thoughts on the matter and be done with it. In 50 years time, when we know for certain how many majors Tiger Woods ends up winning, we can open the internet vault and congratulate everyone that was right. And stick it up those who weren’t. Provided anyone still cares.

I’d love to hear someone respond to a question about Tiger breaking Jack Nicklaus’ record with the only reasonable answer possible; “I have no idea, we’ll just have to wait and see”. That goes for you ‘bloke in the café’. I promise not to bother you again.

For the record, here is a small list of people who have already given their opinion on Tiger, so don’t bother asking them.

Rory McIlroy
Greg Norman
Nick Price
Bloke in the café
Johnny Miller
Nick Faldo
Jack Nicklaus
Frank McCourt
Stephen Ames
Padraig Harrington
Hank Haney
Luke Donald
Colin Montgomerie
Tiger Woods

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