Black bear wanders across fairway during golf tournament

While the Golden Bear hasn’t walked the fairways of tournament golf for some time, this black bear thought he taker a closer look to the PGA Tour.

Round three of the PGA Tour’s Barracuda Championship was interrupted by a bear wandering across the fairway.

Golfers nearby ensured they stayed well clear and made sure the bear had moved on before looking back down to play their next shot.

The tournament was hosted by Tahoe Mountain Club’s Old Greenwood golf course in a part of California where bears are common in the area.

PGA Tour stars were forced to grin and bear it when a real life grizzly strolled across a fairway.
Golfers were shocked into stunned silence as the enormous mammal went about his business at the Barracuda Championship.

The tournament is taking place on Tahoe Mountain Club’s Old Greenwood golf course in Truckee, California.

Bears are common in the area and some local residents have even said there has been an “invasion” of them.

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