Birds destroy greens at Victoria’s Terang Golf Club

Greenkeepers at a country Victorian golf course are struggling to deal with flocks of birds destroying their greens.

Terang Golf Club, about two hours drive west of Melbourne often has trouble keeping the local bird population from digging up their greens.

But this year has been the worst in living memory with thousands of corellas pecking huge holes in many of their greens.

Nine News has reported that some of the holes dug out are up to 30cm wide and nothing has worked to keep the corellas off the greens.

Members of the club have tried using mannequins, bird noises and water sprinklers to fight off the birds.

Secretary of the golf club Colin Venn said none of the methods seemed to work as the birds were not phased.

“They get used to things there and get comfortable, you’ve got to keep varying it,” he said.

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