Australia’s Number 1 Whinger

Aussie Golfer has been very busy of late but managing to fit in some golf in the Hunter Valley at The Vintage Golf Club which I will endeavour to review in the near future. One thing though has been building and building for weeks now and it’s about time I got it off my chest. It’s been on my chest for years really and a recent few weeks of top class whinges from one of Australia’s best golfers has forced my hand. Australia’s number 1 golfing whinger is Robert Allenby.

Let me begin by saying the man is a very, very good golfer who has underperformed and it may be in part because of his short temper and willingness to blame anything but his concentration. I say this not to cover my arse here but I believe it to be true. I’d love him to get on with the game and let his golf do the talking but up until now it hasn’t happened very often.

I find myself agreeing with Peter Fitzsimon’s less and less these days about sport but I couldn’t agree more with his article a few weeks ago in his weekly column in the SMH. Mr Allenby appears to throw himself into the media spotlight each time he comes home and has a go at something. His spat at the drunks at the Australian Open a few weeks ago was unfortunate (I’d love to know the full transcription though) but the threat to boycott the Oz Open because they’re trying to breath some life into it is lame.

There’s been a few more instances of him whinging this year and seems to have coincided with poor golf. I don’t believe for one second the version of events that Allenby portrays when his caddy left him in the middle of the round during the BMW Championship this year. He may have well left after the conversation reported but a lot of water had passed under the bridge before then.

I don’t think it’s anything new to proclaim this man a bit of a whinger, golf forums seem to sprout with it but he does leave his best for when he gets back home. Any rough treatment or so called Tall Poppy syndrome is just deserved if you’re rabbiting on about pin placements, childish threats and caddies leaving you. Play some golf Bob, play some good golf and just be a good bloke.

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