Australian TV audiences react to first episode of Holey Moley

Holey Moley wins the TV ratings with the first episode of Holey Moley; leaves audiences divided.

For those of you that missed the first episode of Channel 7’s Holey Moley last night, you can catch up online here, but there did seem to be a lot of people tuning in to see what all the fuss was about.

Originally slated to have been filmed in the US featuring AFL commentator Brian Taylor (with more air-time for Greg Norman) the production was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The production was eventually restarted in Australia last year, the result of which we’re now seeing on Australian TV screens.

Featuring a bunch of Australian professional, semi-professional and amateur golfers the premise of Holey Moley sees contestants going head-to-head on a giant mini-golf course. The journey to the hole is often broken up by giant obstacles that must be tackled by the golfers or risk a one-stroke penalty.

Think mini-golf meets “It’s A Knockout”, or perhaps more recently, “Australian Ninja Warrior”.

The whole show is wrapped up with commentary from Matt Shirvington and American comedian Rob Riggle, the occasional introduction from Sonia Kruger, and a fleeting chat with Greg Norman.

Personally, I thought it was ok without being incredible TV. Good fun that had the kids laughing – mostly at the plethora of Uranus jokes. Rob Riggle is probably the star of the show.

Is it good for golf? Yeah, probably. Does it matter if it’s good for golf? Probably not.

But here is a selection of what some people thought of it on social media including a few from the golf industry.

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