Australian owned David Golf make more than just the iconic ball washer

David Golf is one of Australia’s most iconic golf brands and you should take a look at the size of their warehouse.

We’ve been meaning to share around this great piece from Richard Fellner at Inside Golf for some time on the Australian owned David Golf company.

David Golf produce stacks of golf equipment including tee markers, flag sticks and sand buckets but they are most well known for their iconic, perfected ball washer that are scattered across golf courses all over Australia.

Fellner takes a tour of the David Golf factory and warehouse in Melbourne and it’s a fascinating story from where they started to where they are now.

We love these Australian focused, quirky golf stories and this one is a ripper.

Founded in 1956 by David Finks, David Golf is an institution (and a household name) in Australian golf. And while the average golfer may identify David Golf with “cups, poles and flags,” the company, in fact, produces so many everyday golf products, that it can make your head spin faster than a ball in one of their iconic crank-action ball washers.

Check out the full article over at Inside Golf.


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