Australian Open

Aussie Golfer managedAustralian Open to get along to the Australian Open at The Australian on Friday afternoon and with some beautiful weather (as opposed to the rain, rain and rain on the final day) it was an absolute pleasure to be out there. As this is a golf blog……some observations!

The atmosphere was fantastic out on the course. The party hole 11th in particular seemed to work a treat with everyone including our mate Robert Allenby getting in on the action. I was a little worried there would be stupid screams in the middle of a backswing but the crowd was excellent and all golfers were highly respected.

Craig Parry’s win was very good. Just solGeoff Ogilvyid, solid golf all weekend and I wonder why I didn’t put something on him at 34-1 on Friday evening with him only 2 shots back at the time.

I feel a little bit for Nick O’Hern. As he mentioned after the final round, yet another runner’s up in the Australian Open. He’ll win one some year for sure playing like he did. He hit a 200 metre 5 iron into the final green and put paid to my thoughts that he wasn’t such a big hitter.

Robert Allenby’s humourous earmuff escapades on Friday to earn back the respect of the golfing community (and Aussie Golfer in particular I suspect) was superb. It was very funny and did wonders for everyone including the whole tournament.

Brandt Snedeker: excellent golfer and seemingly an honest excellent bloke after giving up a chance of winning the event byRobert Allenby admitting a mistake and giving himself a penalty late in the round yesterday. Fair play. We’re going to see way more of this guy in years to come. Is there another golfer who spends less time over the ball once he lines it up?

The touch around greens from these professionals needs be seen up close to be believed. Geoff Ogilvy wasn’t in supreme touch for the 4 days and was a little unlucky with some club selection on the closing holes on Friday but his up and down’s from the bunkers (pic attached from the 11th) was great.
Nick O'Hern
Lastly, thought I’d convey some of the ABC radio coverage of the golf yesterday as they crossed for the last few shots of Craig Parry as he won the event (in my own words but very close to the mark):

“Thanks guys, yes I’m here on the 18th and Parry is putting for what I think is an eagle. I didn’t get to see the approach shot unfortunately, I missed it. Actually now I’m behind some greenside officials and can’t see very well at all. If he gets this he’ll go to 13 under and will be champion for sure……oh I think he’s missed it but will tap in for birdie and go to 12-under and should win from here.”

As I suspected, Parry wasn’t putting for eagle at the end but still went on to win the tournament. Nitties though, had a small chance of winning soon after. I wonder just what this “golf correspondent” was up to? Was he even there? Maybe he was on the party hole too long?

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